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I've been collecting TS trivia questions just to amuse myself and my friends. There are many that I don't know the answers to, how much do YOU know? Warning!! There are spoilers for nearly every episode.

  1. How many different pieces of outerwear does Jim wear over the course of the four seasons?
  2. How many does Blair wear?
  3. Jim refers to Blair by many names besides Blair.  What are they? 
  4. What is on the poster on the back of the loft door?
  5. In what episode does it first appear?
  6. In how many episodes are Jim and/or Blair eating, about to eat, or just finishing a meal?
  7. How often does one or both cook?
  8. When is Jim's birthday?
  9. How many vehicles does Jim operate over the years?
  10. How many are automobiles?
  11. Of those autos, how many actually belong to him?
  12. What specifically happens to each of them that necessitates replacing them?
  13. What item is Blair missing from his planned meal in Girl Next Door?
  14. How many times does Jim threaten to kick Blairs ass?
  15. How many times is Jim shown working out in a gym?
  16. In Attraction, what object does Blair use to convince Jim of Laura's guilt?
  17. How did the Blind Man's Bluff character Sneaks earn his name?
  18. In what episode are Jim's dials introduced?
  19. What song is playing at the beginning of Murder 101?
  20. What is Blair's shoe size?
  21. What is the loft's address?
  22. Does Blair ever use an umbrella?
  23. In how many episodes is it raining in Cascade?
  24. What is Jim's main phobia?
  25. What is Blair's?
  26. How many times is Jim involved in a romantic/sexual encounter?
  27. How many times is Blair in involved in one?
  28. What wreaks havoc on Jims senses in Night Train?
  29. Why has his hearing become so sensitive in Hear No Evil?
  30. What makes his vision flip out in Inside Man?
  31. What color is Jims bed linen?
  32. When Jim and Blair first meet, who does Blair claim to be?
  33. How long is Blairs gift-giving window?
  34. Why is Jim limping at the end of Pennies From Heaven?
  35. What does Blair use to burst through a door in Four Point Shot?
  36. Who is Larry?
  37. In what episode do the lofts walls first change color?
  38. How many pairs of eyeglasses does Simon wear throughout the four seasons?
  39. What does Jim use to get himself and Blair out of the holding cell in Dead Certain?
  40. What make of car does the key belong to in Black or White?
  41. What does Jim offer Blair at the end of Love and Guns?
  42. In how many episodes does Jim wear jeans?
  43. On average, how many cups of coffee are consumed per episode counting all characters?
  44. Which episodes show the inside of Blairs room?
  45. How much is the wager in Vow of Silence?
  46. Why isn't Cassie in the academy?
  47. Where did Naomi attain her personal best meditating time?
  48. What was the time?
  49. How long has Jim had his sentinel abilities?
  50. How does Incacha die?
  51. What does Blair find in his pants in Flight?
  52. On how many occasions do Jim and Blair discuss going fishing?
  53. How many times do they actually go?
  54. Who turns off the stereo in His Brothers Keeper?
  55. Why is Blair detained in Sweet Science?
  56. How long were Jim and Carolyn married?
  57. What develops Alex Barnes' abilities?
  58. What is Megan Connor's nationality?
  59. What is the baby's name in Most Wanted?
  60. How many times does Jim ask "Do you smell that"??
  61. In how many episodes is Blair actually called Blair by Jim?
  62. What does Blair's guitar say?
  63. Where does Blair draw the line with food?
  64. How many times is it mentioned that Blair is not a cop?
  65. Where does Jim holster his gun?
  66. Where does Simon holster his?
  67. How many non-PD characters appear in The Sentinel more than once?
  68. Whats in the vent system in Night Shift?
  69. How does Jim try to learn his accent in Vendetta?
  70. What is Simons ex-wife's name?
  71. What various ethnic groups are represented in the episode topics?
  72. What car did Jim's father have when Jim and Stephen were teenagers?
  73. What board game does Blair play in Night Train?
  74. What color does Jim wear most often?
  75. Who is Lash's alter ego in Cypher?
  76. Why was Simon away in Finklemans Folly?
  77. The episode in which Jim sees a ghost is what?
  78. In what language is the audio book of David Copperfield in Storm Warning?
  79. What is the name of the band in Red Dust?
  80. How does Lee Brackett know Jim is a sentinel?
  81. What is unusual about Dead End on Blank Street?
  82. Who in the station gets shot in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg?
  83. How does Jim communicate with Blair and Simon in Prisoner X?
  84. What does Blair have for breakfast every morning?
  85. Which of Jim's ears is pierced?
  86. Where are Jim and Blair coming from at the beginning of Second Chance?
  87. Where does the marble sphere land in Siege?
  88. Where are the brothers from in The Killers?
  89. How often does Blair break into dance moves?
  90. In what city does Lila live?
  91. What is the drug being dealt in Payback?
  92. Who created the fire resistant suits in Light My fire?
  93. In how many episodes does Rafe speak?
  94. How many pivotal scenes take place in or near water?
  95. How many episodes feature scenes in hospitals?
  96. What clue tells Jim that Blairs been kidnapped in Breaking Ground?
  97. In how many episodes does someone besides Jim stop or hinder the perp?
  98. How often does Blair drive Jim's truck while Jim is in it?
  99. Which episodes begin with someone watching TV?
  100. In what city does most of Sentinel Too, Pt. 2 occur?
  101. Who is the leak in True Crime?
  102. What does Jim fall into in The Rig?
  103. How often does Jim or Blair fall for a woman they're protecting/helping?
  104. What prevents Jim from succumbing to the injected drug in Secret?
  105. Why does Blair need his ribs taped in Iceman?
  106. What is the address of the house Angie flees to in Out of the Past?
  107. How often does Simon want Jim off a case?
  108. Which famous sixties cult figure could possibly be Blair's father?
  109. Which guest star on The Sentinel was nominated for a Tony award in 1999?
  110. What is the religion practiced in Trance?
  111. How often does Jim have Blair climb trees?
  112. How many times is Jim shown getting dressed?
  113. What does Alec - teen genius - have a fear of?
  114. In what year was Blair born?
  115. How does Jim track Simon and Quinn in Survival?
  116. In Mirror Image, what do all the victims have in common?
  117. How many essential oils created Veronica Sarris' scent in Switchman?
  118. What do the Chopec call their makeshift home in Cascade in Warriors?
  119. In what episode does Garett Maggart's father appear?
  120. Who does Simon say is his favorite 70s detective in The Real Deal?
  121. Someone in Jim's past called him Chief.  Who was it?
  122. When Charlie Spring gets a vision in Private Eyes, what does he call it?
  123. When does Blair introduce the concept of white noise?
  124. In Second Chance, the passwords that Hector gives Gustavo are actually names of what?
  125. What rock icon has a song featured in Light My Fire?  Bonus:  What 1982 film is that song originally from?



Have some questions you'd like to add? E-mail 'em to me and I'll post them!