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Demon Under Glass has been purchased and released on dvd.  It has also been novelized, featured in a Fangoria article, all sorts of stuff.  See below website links for details!!
Garett appeared at 2003: A Fan Odyssey the weekend of June 6-8, along with our favorite police captain, Bruce A. Young.  Also scheduled to appear were fandom luminaries from Highlander, Stargate, Babylon 5 and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.  I didn't go, but I heard it was a blast!
He certainly was quite a busy man in 2002.  In addition to attending A Fan Odyssey, the DUG mini-con and the annual Moonridge fundraiser, he was also in a play in Pasadena, CA called "No Scratch", in which he played a musician named Wallace.  This followed right on the heels of a made for TV film called Demon Under Glass, in which he portrays a doctor helping to study a vampire(played by Babylon 5's Jason Carter, our lovely Brit jewel thief in the TS ep, Attraction).  The film is currently being shopped for purchasing rights.  Having viewed the screening in LA in June 2002, I'm anxious to see it finished and aired. 
He has two film projects tentatively coming up: one is called Luv U 4 Ever , where he gets to be another musician, and he has also expressed interest in a controversial film called Freak Experts, in which he's a gay police officer.  Both are by the same production team as DUG.  The shooting dates have yet to be determined.
The sites below have lots of info, including various other appearances by Garett, lots of photos, as well as gifts and goodies to purchase - some even for charity.  Please, take a look!

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