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I spend a lot of time surfing the 'net, mostly reading and posting to my various mailing lists, reading and responding to e-mails, or conducting business. These are links I've been to - so often in some cases, I know the URL's by heart - and ones I think are useful and fun. If you'd like to see one added, give a holler.

Here are some of my favorites for TS fiction, all of which include work of mine. :-)

My Mongoose E-zines

852 Prospect - The TS Main Archive

Looking for slash in another fandom? Searching for someone's slashy webpage? Want proof that that sexual position is really possible? Check out this veritable fountain of info.

The Minotaur Site

Do you like your fic bound and in your hand? Give these links a whirl.

Agent With Style

Almost Foolproof Press

AMC Press

AngelWings/Secret Pleasures Press

Blackfly Presses

The Loft Library - 'Zine Recs

If you're into buying fandom *stuff*, here are some good places to start.

Celticheart Designs


TS Bears by Susan Williams

There are many, many places to see and/or download images of our boys. I've been to innumerable sites, but off the top of my head, I know these are good ones.

Sentinel Visions

Ma' Sentinel Pics

(Ma' is a huge multi-fandom site with several cool pages as well, so give it a perusal while you're looking at the pretty pics.)

And what about non TS related stuff? I spend some time here every once in a while.



Pretty Boy Wallpaper

Spilsbury Puzzles and Games